1 August, 1 Month

Hi guys!

The last month of Pre-UWC has officially begun! In exactly four weeks I’ll be leaving home to Hong Kong, and I am insanely excited!! After posting in copies of my passport and pictures to LPC, I officially have nothing left to do but wait 😀

Some of the things I’m looking forward to at this very moment:

1- Cantonese cuisine: I heard the food is love
2- Fresh start: Basically everything new; people, school, scenery
3- The city: So much to do abroad!
4- Project Week: Going abroad while I’m abroad? Wow
5- Everything UWC

The visas have come in for a few of the others, but I haven’t received mine yet. It’s been two months exactly since I’ve sent the school those papers, so it’s taking longer than expected. Fingers crossed!








I don’t even have a great picture of the food so here’s a somewhat blurry long-distance view of the table. Be thankful for your taste buds


It was a fairly large gathering, and me and Ainnie were among the earliest to get there. We had a lot of fun, talking about falling phobias (we were on the terrace), playing Where’s Izman on Izu’s pretty little UWCRCN Yearbook and discussing cloud shapes.

I had a great evening, eating cake in a cup and noodles with a spoon. The UWC alumni are incredibly fun to hang out with, and I spent so much of the evening laughing story after story. Ainnie and I pondered our fates as UWC graduates when the adults started talking about tuna migration and price elasticity.

As the newbies, conversation also became directed at us at one point. It was the usual “When do you leave” “What subjects are you doing” “lol good luck with Math HL bro”. We debated how international school students (supposedly) look alike and which one of our schools were more badass.


(Since I don’t have many pictures here’s a map to where the gluttony took place)

I wish I could’ve stayed longer (especially after the conversation went hilarious but my dad has a tight schedule so I left not too long after breaking fast. The worst part is, I probably won’t see most of them for a very long time again.


Anyhoo. Ainnie and I are meeting up for the first time next Sunday, and we’re going to gush about UWC away from the nostalgic oldies for the first time. I’m super thrilled for that. Also, me and Izu (and likely Ainnie IF SHE DOESNT GET SICK AGAIN YOU’D BETTER BE READING THIS) will be meeting up one last time before we head to our colleges to talk about the usual stuff (see above)

Ciao guys

:*:* xoxox Hass





A Disturbingly Eventful Weekend

Hello everyone, long time no update! Hopefully, this massive, not-so-proofread post will make up for the lack of posts the past few weeks.

It’s July now, which means I’ll be leaving the country and starting school at UWCLPC NEXT MONTH


To briefly sum up what’s been happening, I’ve done a ton of reading and story crafting all month. Currently I’m juggling between Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire), Lolita (haven’t touched this one in ages), The Book Thief (finally found it after losing it two months ago) and Anna Karenina (hooray for new discoveries!). That’s just the fiction I currently remember.

Between watching Eat Street, Grandma’s Boy, Street Food Around the World, David Rocco (am I seeing a pattern here?) and watching PLL, TW and TLoK weekly at my cousin’s, the last weeks of summer are going quite relaxedly for me. Up until a few days ago that is.

By some fluke, I managed to finish all my paperwork last Wednesday. It was an immense relief to finally get my last shot here (meningococcus ain’t got nothing on me now) and prepare all the required joining papers for scanning and emailing. As I couldn’t get all my vaccines here, I had to email the school on the issue and they told me it’s chill and I can get the rest done in Hong Kong at my own expense.

Later, Khady from UWCMaldives arranged a meet up with me and Ainnie down at Jade Bistro the night after. As with anything UWC, I was thrilled and before I knew it it was Thursday, 7:30 PM and we were sitting at the cafe discussing how our paperwork was going.

I myself ordered an ice cream + fruit salad combo (the calories cancel out so there’s no net weight gain). We discussed leaving times, school subjects, visa applications and most of all had a lot of fun identifying the fruit in my salad.

Ainnie gets to leave before me, on the 14th, and I’ll have to wait two whole weeks after that before I fly for Hong Kong! I have it a bit easier on the joining process though, since the school handles my visa application and I get a direct flight.

Within the hour we also discussed the Annual General Meeting coming up the night after, and we were asked to join. It’d be a great opportunity to meet a lot of Maldivian alumni and learn about the organisation. Naturally, our only concern was what to wear (Khady: “not at all formal”) and we made plans to meet at the City Council for the UWC meeting!

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An Audience With The King (2)

I’d walked all the way up to the tavern door before I realised I was holding my breath. Exhaling slowly, I let my breath fog up the air before me. It was time, I realised. I’d walked through sun and snow, crossed rivers and valleys for this very moment. I tightened my black cloak around me and dropped my hood. It would be rude and suspicious to hide my face now, especially considering the task at hand. Grimacing in resolve, I pushed the tavern door open, just as the wind picked up. The loud, involuntary slam drew everyone’s attention to me. Many of the scarred faces in battle worn armour seemed none too happy with the disturbance.


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An Audience With The King

Tomorrow I’m meeting Nabeeh for the first time. He’s my LPC mentor, and I cannot cannot cannot wait to meet him! We’ve corresponded on Facebook a lot over the past few months, so I am just thrilled thinking about what to talk about.

We’re going to Café Ier, which is like the iPhone of cafés in Maldives (#similesgod). It’s beautiful and there’s great ice cream and other stuff that is pleasing to the mouth.

Maybe it’s less like an iPhone than I initially thought

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Let The Countdown Begin!

So after a quick email to the school and a bit of nudging at my dad, I’ve managed to book my ticket to Hong Kong. The plane arrives around noon on the 29th, which is a day before overseas students are usually supposed to arrive. Cathay only flies four days a week here, so the school has allowed for my early arrival under special circumstances. Here I am happier than ever to be able to get a head start with college life! It’s pretty sweet, no?

The flight is entirely overnight, perfectly suited for my sleep schedule, (but yeah right I’m getting any shut eye, I’d be TOO DAMN EXCITED FOR HONGKONGOMFG) arriving at a decent, reasonable hour of the day for my second year(s) to come pick me up, but not too late as to stop me from enjoying an awesome and productive first day. Things couldn’t be more perfect.

I wonder if they’d treat me lunch on the way to campus? So looking forward to digging into some sweet Cantonese cuisine.

Well, my dad insists on tagging along too. I’m going to spend all summer talking him into letting me do this alone. It’s part of the UWC experience after all. Need to show him that it’s completely unnecessary. The silliest part is, he plans to return on the 3rd of September! He’s going to be soooooo bored. Unless of course he has some plans of his own, friends in the city, etc. I’ll figure this out eventually.


I’m going to make a countdown to the exact second my flight departs from Malé. 28th August 2014 at 2235. From Thursday in the Maldives to Friday in Hong Kong. I’ll be thinking about this every day for the next almosthree months, you can be sure of that.

Much love,

P.S. the blog page with advice for Maldivians who are interested in applying for UWC (written of course in my incredibly eloquent dhivehi) will be up shortly! Had to include this so I don’t back out now. Halp.

A Note On Posting

As this blog is dedicated to all things UWCLPC in my life, and I still have a few months to go until I actually commence school in Hong Kong, there won’t be too much content in this blog for the moment. However, I do have plans to add some important things over the summer! Keep your eyes peeled for:

1) Boring updates on how my visa/college application is going
2) The next time I get a vaccine shot on the booty
3) A special page for Maldivians who are interested in applying for UWC
4) Occasional thoughts on UWC, pre-UWC

See you guys in a while!

Much love,