Hi guys, it’s been too long since I last updated. The past few days have been insanely busy, from my the day before my trip to the day after. So far though, I am absolutely loving it here.

There’s not much to write about at the moment. The day before my flight was filled with packing and goodbyes. The flight itself took me from morning in Maldives to night at Hong Kong. I was greeted by a friendly pair of second years named Shuchi and Pyone! (Hope I spelt their names right)

We took an amazingly fun bus ride to school, involving lots of talk about life at LPC in general. We walked the last bit to school and a bit more to my home building, block 4. It was the furthest residential block and that combined with a long day of travel helped me get to bed sooner rather than later.

I met my roommates then as well; Ian from Hong Kong, and Davis from Canada. I’ve lucked out to get such amazing people to live with. My room has a nice view, it’s close to the bathroom and there’s always activity around the corridor, which is really nice. All in all, I’m enjoying life here.

Today was insanely busy. I woke up in the morning to a visit from my parents. They helped me organise my room and Ian introduced us to Ma On Shan right afterwards. From there, the family and I headed to the hotel. We bought a few necessities from IKEA, had some food, and came back to campus to settle down more fully.

Afterward I headed out of campus on the way to the academic block. I met a lot of cool people along the way, and the dinner was perfect. I had duck and rice. It was my first meal on campus, and now I know for sure that they aren’t lying when they say the food at LPC is the best in any UWC. I look forward to trying new things as the days go by. Everyone I’ve met was unbelievably friendly.

I was about to grab the delish looking chocolate mousse when I was informed of a dessert outing by my friend Emma! I visited block 1 with a few more friends before signing out at the gate here. The trip to the restaurant(?) was long but again awesome, and I talked to many more people. When we finally got to the place, I devoured a mango pancake and watermelon juice. It turned out that the whole outing was a treat by our second years, and the first of many LPC traditions I will be introduced to.

We visited many other places this evening, slowly splitting off towards the end. The first place we headed to was the pier, where we all talked a lot more and took pictures (my phone was too low on battery to do anything D:). Next, we dropped by at 7/11 and I tried my first lemon coke, which isn’t very different from normal coke but quite the noteworthy experience. I liked it.

Finally, what was left of the original group went to the bus station to head back to school. Again, this was so much fun. We hit the supermarket (I didn’t buy anything because I wanted to lose weight with Fernimbulan) and on the way out we crashed into a group of students, many of whom were fresh from the airport. We all had a nice walk back to school.

After everyone split into their blocks, I decided to check out campus a bit more, as I didn’t really have a chance for a real tour. I was lucky enough to come by Viivi and we took an alternate route to the courtyard and back. We discussed a lot of things about home and Hong Kong, and it was a great end to a hectic day.

Here I am back in my room now! I am exhausted from everything that has happened today, but I’m looking forward to another eventful day tomorrow as well. I cannot wait to meet my final roommate, a local named Peter!

I’ll update again soon*! Bye everyone


P.S. No pictures because I’m still settling down, and my phone’s battery is pitifully unstable. I’ll fix this out from now on!


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