Pictures Galore Post (and omg visa)

There was a huge influx of visa arrivals today, and thankfully I’m one of the people who got theirs! Hearing about it after days of anxiety is definitely a great way to start the day.

It started when I realised I was panicking about not hearing from the school over two months after I submitted the necessary documents. It was a few weeks past the estimated time of arrival, and I had ten days left till I depart from Maldives. So I took the fighter’s route.


As usual, Jenny replied within hours. I emailed quite late at night (10PM 2AM) and I woke up to her reply


I was beyond thrilled. I called my dad, and he told me about how the delivery company had already called him. I had to wait a few hours before I received the package!


It was the best day of the week! (Note the ‘was’; all this was yesterday. My iPad died.) Now all I have to worry about is forgetting to pack something for the trip. Which brings me to…

Ainnie is officially a UWC Dilijan student! She’s currently in Armenia and with each update she gives me new insight on what it means to be a part of one of the world’s best educational movements


It’s so exciting to hear about how much fun she’s having, and so I can’t wait for my own school to start already (9 days, please fly by). I have a bit of work to get done before I leave though, including getting my national costume tailored! Below is my great grandfather, and my mum decided I’d be getting the same shirt (and perhaps hat?). Thank you munikaafaa for inspiring the design.


It should be done by the 25th!

As I expected, the last few days before I leave have been exponentially busier than my break. With all this happening though, the UWC experience has become more real than ever. It’s insane, and I’m so excited!



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