Almost There!

Hi all!

So there’s about 17 days till I start school, and I’m crazy excited as you might expect! Everyone’s talking about how close it is till we start. A loooot of stuff has happened over the past week or so though, and I’ve been way too laze-forgetful to update.

So on the 3rd of August, me and Ainnie met up together to exchange fun vibes and “study” info. (I’m still not sure whether that actually happened or not, it’s really hard to make plans with her after all). Ainnie is actually a neighbour and we only found out a week or so after the whole UWC selection thing went down. Really. She’s a 10 second walk away from my house, it’s insane. Also convenient, because it was starting to rain when I left the house.


We had a lot of fun! Mostly I just made fun of Lord Tennyson and tried to convince Ainnie to take Chemistry. It worked? We drank this fruit thingy and ate nuts and raisins. All in all a great afternoon.

The UWC send-off dinner was just last Saturday, and it was a lot of fun. Khady organised the whole event once again at Jade Bistro. Ainnie came with both her parents and my mother was the only one who could join us. I met Imma, who is a recent graduate of Atlantic College and soon-to-be Ainnie’s mentor at Dilijan! Excitingness. My own mentor is sadly no longer in the country, so he couldn’t join, but you’ve read all about my meet up with him ages ago! Zee joined us only a few* minutes after we started.

We talked about a lot of things! The usual “when are you leaving” and “what subjects are you taking” and talks about food and culture and general UWC life. Meet-ups like this always drive me crazy because I really can’t wait any longer to start. Ainnie is lucky enough to be heading out this Thursday! Psh, good luck at the Dubai airport, and say hi to the normal(?) Armenians for me as well <333


It was an amazing night really, with lots of funnies. In the place of the “guess-the-fruit” salad/icecream game me and Ainnie competed with our chocolate vs vanilla milkshakes. (Ainnie, I’d like to confirm that my milkshake is indeed better than yours). It’s sad and exciting at the same time that this will be our last official meet up together before we head to our respective United World Colleges!

Until I leave… I have no plans whatsoever. My cousin is coming back here from Lanka and so I’m looking forward to an exciting few weeks before I finally leave to Hong Kong! I used to think time was going by way too slow, but it’s sort of flying by now. It’s crazy

Catch y’all later



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