A Disturbingly Eventful Weekend

Hello everyone, long time no update! Hopefully, this massive, not-so-proofread post will make up for the lack of posts the past few weeks.

It’s July now, which means I’ll be leaving the country and starting school at UWCLPC NEXT MONTH


To briefly sum up what’s been happening, I’ve done a ton of reading and story crafting all month. Currently I’m juggling between Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire), Lolita (haven’t touched this one in ages), The Book Thief (finally found it after losing it two months ago) and Anna Karenina (hooray for new discoveries!). That’s just the fiction I currently remember.

Between watching Eat Street, Grandma’s Boy, Street Food Around the World, David Rocco (am I seeing a pattern here?) and watching PLL, TW and TLoK weekly at my cousin’s, the last weeks of summer are going quite relaxedly for me. Up until a few days ago that is.

By some fluke, I managed to finish all my paperwork last Wednesday. It was an immense relief to finally get my last shot here (meningococcus ain’t got nothing on me now) and prepare all the required joining papers for scanning and emailing. As I couldn’t get all my vaccines here, I had to email the school on the issue and they told me it’s chill and I can get the rest done in Hong Kong at my own expense.

Later, Khady from UWCMaldives arranged a meet up with me and Ainnie down at Jade Bistro the night after. As with anything UWC, I was thrilled and before I knew it it was Thursday, 7:30 PM and we were sitting at the cafe discussing how our paperwork was going.

I myself ordered an ice cream + fruit salad combo (the calories cancel out so there’s no net weight gain). We discussed leaving times, school subjects, visa applications and most of all had a lot of fun identifying the fruit in my salad.

Ainnie gets to leave before me, on the 14th, and I’ll have to wait two whole weeks after that before I fly for Hong Kong! I have it a bit easier on the joining process though, since the school handles my visa application and I get a direct flight.

Within the hour we also discussed the Annual General Meeting coming up the night after, and we were asked to join. It’d be a great opportunity to meet a lot of Maldivian alumni and learn about the organisation. Naturally, our only concern was what to wear (Khady: “not at all formal”) and we made plans to meet at the City Council for the UWC meeting!

I completely forgot about the AGM until late afternoon, right before breakfast time. I immediately texted Ainnie asking her if she’s attending and she not-so-immediately replied negative. Get well soon Ainnie.

I was somewhat worried there’d be nobody around my age (as it turned out, this wasn’t an issue at all) so I asked Izu if he was coming. Turns out he is, and we decided to head there at 8.

I arrived and joined a group of people standing right in front of the gate to the building.. My superior reasoning skills allowed me to deduce that these were the alumni I was looking for. There were a couple of familiar faces and a few that weren’t, but we got acquainted quickly.

As it turns out, the gate wasn’t locked. We entered the meeting hall a bit* later than originally planned and got to arranging the room. One by one, people popped in, but we couldn’t start the AGM without Khady who was a bit* late as well. Finally though, everyone was present and we could start with the agenda.


I don’t really remember most of what happened during the meeting itself. My memory is only useful in the classroom, and it’s the only explanation as to how I managed to make it this far in life. However, I do remember clearly that we started with introductions and my attention was split 50/50 between the matter being discussed and the excellent biscuit fudge on the table.

All the votes taken were miraculously unanimous, whether it came to electing people for different positions or deciding the organisation’s future plans of action. I guess everyone’s just really good at communicating. Like, really good.

It was an incredibly relaxed and fun, yet productive meeting. I learnt so much about the issues facing the organisation, and listening to the debate on how to proceed was a great learning experience. The UWC Maldives AGM of 2014 was a great success.

Just like any proper gathering, we concluded with a round of selfies.


I remember when I first checked out the website for UWC Maldives last year, very interested in the opportunity to study abroad. One of the messages encouraging us to apply was “Join the UWC Family”.

It was last night that I learnt for sure that, if there’s one thing our little organisation here is, it’s family.

– Hass

P.S. The next update isn’t too far off, so don’t worry. Izu has provided us with a venue for the UWC Maldives roadha veehlun on the 18th (maybe 17th?), and I’m fully confident it’ll be just as brilliant an event! Looking forward to it, and I’m planning to drag Ainnie there if that’s what it takes


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