An Audience With The King (2)

I’d walked all the way up to the tavern door before I realised I was holding my breath. Exhaling slowly, I let my breath fog up the air before me. It was time, I realised. I’d walked through sun and snow, crossed rivers and valleys for this very moment. I tightened my black cloak around me and dropped my hood. It would be rude and suspicious to hide my face now, especially considering the task at hand. Grimacing in resolve, I pushed the tavern door open, just as the wind picked up. The loud, involuntary slam drew everyone’s attention to me. Many of the scarred faces in battle worn armour seemed none too happy with the disturbance.


I was waiting at the doors of Café Ier for only a few minutes when Nabeeh popped in. I was hard at work picking up my selfie game.

[Picture removed cause it looked annoying on Facebook]

Note to self: Get a face clean up stat.

We entered the café and two of us immediately took up a table for four. I got the chocolate special (it’s more vanilla than chocolate sadly, and there was no other option) and Nabeeh got some multi-fruit ice cream. He declined the jelly beans I bought as well. After heavily criticising his decisions, we got down to business.

Things On My Mind:

1) Where’s my biscotti ice cream? 😦
2) Holy crap these jelly beans have a ton of calories
3) What do I say now?

Thankfully, we ended up discussing a lot of things! I’ll forget most of this when I start thinking about dinner so I thought it’d be a good idea if I wrote it all* down!

IB Subjects:
I’ve already sent in the subjects I want to do, but I’ll be able to change them when I start too so not to worry. We talked about whether I should take my guaranteed 7s or go for challenges. I’m still leaning towards the latter, but the chance to easily score better is really tempting. There’s a good chance I’d change my subjects in that regard. You’ll find out!

There are 5 blocks per day, and we get an occasional free block for nap time. TOK starts up on our second term which will fill in some gaps and self-taught learners will have lots of free blocks. Since I’ve decided not to do dhivehi it won’t apply to me though. Also you’re supposed to push yourself to work hard, the teachers aren’t too involved in that regard. I guess that’s compared to how it is here.

Nabeeh’s essay sounded really interesting! It was related to Dhivehi politics of the time, and I probably wouldn’t be able to do so well in a topic like that. I’m quite sure I’m a science person. I mentioned I was interested in doing mine in French, my group 2 and well, he’s talked me out of it for the most part. I definitely don’t want to be short of the score I want to reach because I thought it’d be fun to do a thesis in a foreign language! Considering Chemistry? I’ll think about this later huehue

College Life:
OK so I got bits and pieces from this, but it’s hard to talk intensively because (A) Nabeeh doesn’t give too many spoilers and (B) I want to avoid that as well. But I still learned a lot of neat things. There are these canteen parties where lotsa shit goes down. Block 3 is apparently the best block (no bias here of course), but I’ll probably be allocated to another block. The food at the college will be a bit freaky at first but I’ll grow to love it. I have inside info on the naughty/nice factor of a couple of teachers. Sick leave can be… flexible.

Hong Kong:
Lots of general stuff. I’m excited about being able to see premiers of movies on the release date itself, and being able to buy books as soon as they are published! #bigcityperks no? There’s lots of potential shopping to do and Indian food stalls oh yes. Street food here I come! I got a few names of places in Cantonese but well, of course I don’t remember those.

I should bring lots of qaumee stuff! A flag as big as possible and clothes that can serve as a national costume. Need to make my room as homely as possible. I’ll bring lots of pictures and get posters and fix my corner up. All in all though I don’t want to bring too much. 8 suitcases should suffice.

We must’ve talked about way more in the hour or so, but I can’t think of anything else. Seriously glad I wrote this all down now because going over this now, I don’t exactly recall most of what I’ve written. Maybe the fiction didn’t end at the first paragraph? I’ll let you decide.

There’s lots to look forward to right now. The UWC Maldives AGM is coming up next month and I’ll be able to attend. It sounds interesting! Need to drag Ainnie along of course. I’ll be going to Sri Lanka soon to get my rubella shot, but all in all my medicals are nearly done. Hoping to go islanding before school starts. Can’t wait!



4 thoughts on “An Audience With The King (2)

  1. Aem says:

    I am awaiting my doomed selfie and a mention in an awesome fictional character sort of way. Yes! I’m onto you and your blog! BWahahahha….
    ps: I like jellybeans….. Just saying

    • Haha, this blog is no secret! And I’ll get to the post very soon, don’t worry about that ^^
      P.S. The jelly beans were abandoned, one at Vaseetha’s house, the other on Cafe Ier’s table haha. Couldn’t process 😦

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