An Audience With The King

Tomorrow I’m meeting Nabeeh for the first time. He’s my LPC mentor, and I cannot cannot cannot wait to meet him! We’ve corresponded on Facebook a lot over the past few months, so I am just thrilled thinking about what to talk about.

We’re going to Café Ier, which is like the iPhone of cafés in Maldives (#similesgod). It’s beautiful and there’s great ice cream and other stuff that is pleasing to the mouth.

Maybe it’s less like an iPhone than I initially thought

Things I’m Wondering:

1) Is he taller than me?
2) What will we talk about?

I imagining I’ll ask tons of stuff and he’ll reply to most of them saying he doesn’t want to spoil the fun for me. I understand that. But I’ll ask stuff anyway.

Questions I’ll Ask:

1) Are there any secret passageways?
2) How clean are the bathrooms?
3) Are you going to finish that? (I’m obviously taking the biscotti but he might take some other kind of chocolate which I also kinda like so I need to be prepared for that)
4) What are some things I need to do before I fly off to the best two years of my life ever?
5) Can we take a selfie?

I’m still debating about whether or not the fourth one is relevant

So see you guys when I return from my adventure with Nabeeh! I won’t spare any details.

Much love,


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