Let The Countdown Begin!

So after a quick email to the school and a bit of nudging at my dad, I’ve managed to book my ticket to Hong Kong. The plane arrives around noon on the 29th, which is a day before overseas students are usually supposed to arrive. Cathay only flies four days a week here, so the school has allowed for my early arrival under special circumstances. Here I am happier than ever to be able to get a head start with college life! It’s pretty sweet, no?

The flight is entirely overnight, perfectly suited for my sleep schedule, (but yeah right I’m getting any shut eye, I’d be TOO DAMN EXCITED FOR HONGKONGOMFG) arriving at a decent, reasonable hour of the day for my second year(s) to come pick me up, but not too late as to stop me from enjoying an awesome and productive first day. Things couldn’t be more perfect.

I wonder if they’d treat me lunch on the way to campus? So looking forward to digging into some sweet Cantonese cuisine.

Well, my dad insists on tagging along too. I’m going to spend all summer talking him into letting me do this alone. It’s part of the UWC experience after all. Need to show him that it’s completely unnecessary. The silliest part is, he plans to return on the 3rd of September! He’s going to be soooooo bored. Unless of course he has some plans of his own, friends in the city, etc. I’ll figure this out eventually.


I’m going to make a countdown to the exact second my flight departs from Malé. 28th August 2014 at 2235. From Thursday in the Maldives to Friday in Hong Kong. I’ll be thinking about this every day for the next almosthree months, you can be sure of that.

Much love,

P.S. the blog page with advice for Maldivians who are interested in applying for UWC (written of course in my incredibly eloquent dhivehi) will be up shortly! Had to include this so I don’t back out now. Halp.


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