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So I’ve decided to relocate my blogging to my new website. There are several reasons I’ve decided to do this, including but not limited to

1. Lack of time to develop long and in depth blog posts

2. My personal interest in a more varied, concise and artistic blogging style.

So basically tumblr will be more easy to maintain (as you may have noticed, I can barely update anything on this blog). I hope you enjoy the shift

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The Ultimate O Week Post

I’m sorry I’ve been so behind. In my defence, there’s always so much happening here I just cannot find the time to write. With my first storm signal here in Hong Kong cancelling classes though, I’ve managed to sneak in a few moments to write an update.

O Week was fantastic. It feels like it happened ages ago, and we always had so much to do that it didn’t really feel like a week. I’ll break it down day by day to get sorted.


The welcome ceremony from the night before left us excited for what was to come (I’ll post random pictures from it across this post so it looks like I have a format going). We were introduced to our tutor groups that night as well, and it finished off with an awesome block party.




On this day we got an introduction to O week, as well as a presentation on UWCs and LPC. It was surprisingly interesting, and we carried on to an introduction to our Quan Cai services. The community service activities were all incredibly interesting, and I had a lot to think about for when we had to choose our services. (SPOILER: I ended up joining the United World Schools QC).

Most of the day involved service orientation, where we found out about a lot of the activities the school (and mostly our second year students) organise for us to take part in. Following our vegetarian BBQ (Meatless Monday is a thing here) we had an alcohol awareness presentation. Somehow in LPC, everything that sounds boring turns out to be quite fun, and it was an interesting experience to say the least. We had our first house meeting; a regular event where the whole block gathers to talk about basically anything.




We had our first check in that night as well, and started to prepare for


After our morning briefing, we got introduced to the academics of the school. We learnt a bit about the IB and how LPC conducts the programme. We were also given a very useful presentation from the language department about choosing our subjects for Groups 1 and 2 as well.


After lunch we had the much awaited Quan Cai fair, and I went to and signed up my interest for pretty much every activity I could find. It was extremely fun, and I knew the choices we had to make would be very tough in the end.






Thankfully, there aren’t any wrong options. (MoreSpoilers: My other official activities are the school newspaper, volleyball and AmnestyInternational)

The longest part of the day consisted of setting up bank accounts after lunch. Let me just say that the process was not very efficient. It was a great opportunity to talk to some of my fellow first years and get to know them though, and we had fun.


The campus ecologists gave us a presentation about sustainability sometime in the evening. It was a very funny presentation, and since I’ve become a member of the group out of my own interest!

Post dinner, us first years met with out tutor groups to finalise our subject choices. It was a quick process, with Jason giving us advice about what we should choose, and afterwards we checked in for the night.


The morning was very relaxed. After breakfast, we got our student ID photos taken, checked up with the nurse and picked up stationeries from the office. Each process about 5 minutes for me, as I was a bit early. In the morning we also had a library and IT orientation, which was dreary but also necessary. The best part about the day however was


We departed immediately after the briefing. It was the early afternoon and the trip to the campsite was quite short, with nice views.


Really though, it wasn’t even a campsite. We were staying at this hostel-type place with air conditioning and shit, so it’s not reeeeeaaally camping. But it was a new experience to be had and so we headed off excited.


We took a bus for a bit of the way, and then we hiked to the actual site. It was a fun walk, and the good kind of treacherous. The walk came with it’s own set of great views, and I even took a selfie picture of myself. Say hi to Ferna!


Photos galore cause I have too many of these to not use





Everyone was pretty tired by the time we arrived to the campsite. It took us a little while to set up and eat.

Things we noticed:

1. Spiders
2. Sun
3. Spiders


After settling in, we headed down to this plain open area to perform this demonic ritual which was quite fun. We were instructed to close our eyes and repeatedly say these odd exotic words (think tribal). It was quite surreal. We also got our faces painted with lines and we all got our handprints on this huge piece of cloth (WOOOO UWC).


Other activities included writing a letter to yourself which you will read at the end of the year (I misunderstood the instructions and ended up doing it for two years) and an awesome barbecue full of delicious and social. We went back up to the main campsite for an exciting Playback Theatre performance, where people shared serious and funny stories alike and watched them play out before us. It was a fantastic show, and I’m considering joining the Quan Cai for it next term.


We were briefed on the following day’s major hikes afterwards. I decided to pick the harder trail to Sharp Peak, which had only 30 spots available. We met the requirement without trouble, and went to bed excited for the trip the next day (and annoyed at having to wake up so early


We woke up between 5 and 6. It wasn’t so bad. We had breakfast, a final briefing and finally the two groups split off to their separate destinations. The Sharp Peak crew left early as our journey was slightly longer. It was a long walk before the actual trail started, and for me personally it was the hardest part. I was exhausted from the constant upward slope of the path we had to take (when we came to the campsite we mostly went down, it’s been reversed now) so I was left doubting whether I could carry on for the actual trail.

To my surprise the hike to Sharp Peak was much easier, as there were breaks from uphill climbs and the occasional downward trail. Let’s not get too far ahead though. Picture time! Here’s a few from closer to ground




Going upp




Path to Sharp Peak!



The view was gorgeous, and so worth the journey. Happiness all around!





We took the same trail back to camp, and it was much more challenging. I slipped twice consecutively at one point, but I fell good so it’s okay.



After returning to camp, we didn’t have the time to do much. The ship that we were to take would not be waiting for us to take our time and get ready, so we quickly prepared for leaving the campsite. We cleaned up the area and packed everything up to get ferried off!

We returned and I showered immediately. I hadn’t showered for two days despite the sweaties, because shit the campsite bathrooms were not pleasant. Ugh. Well, we were about to get ready for Pool Games when suddenly


Not nice. Our block pool game got cancelled! The day was hectic anyhow, so I guess if there’s a silver lining (lel get it clouds?) we finally got some time to relax. Well, at least for me. Apparently pool games were replaced with courtyard games and I missed it. Snap.

Later in the evening, we took a trip to Victoria Peak. Suffice to say, the day was full of exercise. This trip though was much more relaxing. Sadly, I have no pictures of this specific outing for some weird reason but it was quite eventful. We took buses to and back, with a tram ride to the peak. It was nice walking around the area with different people, and we even got food in the civilised bit. Food = Good.

It was pretty late when we took the bus back to school. I even fell asleep. That was good too.


As usual, today kicked off with a fun and exciting morning briefing…. yeah.

Us overseas students needed to get our HKID registration started, and so we filled up a few forms and headed off to the department where we submit our HKID registration forms. Woooooo!!


The process was quick and efficient, like everything else in Hong Kong. We were back right in time for lunch, which is awesome because



The Flea Market sells us student essentials and luxuries for dirt cheap prices. I arrived two minutes late and found that all the curtains and fancy kachings had all been wiped from the area. *sigh* Still, I foraged for hidden gems


1) French book I can’t read wat
2) NatGeo mag I havent touched
5) Random stationery
9) Other stuff

Here’s a quick look at my goods; note that the clothbag itself is one of the items of purchase. Cuz sustainability. Yis.


The flea market was beautiful, but the day wrapped off with a wonderful and exciting Music Night, the first one of the year. As it turns out, LPCers are pretty damn talented. I was blown away by all the performances, and I cannot wait for the next one. I probably won’t perform, it’s wonderful to sit and enjoy the variety of shows my friends have to offer.

Here’s FERNA DEL SIMBULAN starting over for the twenty third time


Love love <333




This is the last day of O Week and one of the most memorable, thanks to this little trip around HK’s most important places. My group hit up loads of places, but we never actually finished the tour cause we wasted so much time having had so much fun

At each destination of the tour we had to do all sorts of crazy tasks. This included complimenting random strangers, taking group selfies with other tourists, and well, the weirdest random tasks. We stopped for yoghurt and ice cream, and even got featured in a random video which promoted the 24 Hour Race. Check it out below

So much love. After performing as an air band in Times Square, we had to go back to school as it had gotten too late to complete the tour at Mong Kok.


There was a very important reason we had to be back early


This was the perfect way to end O week, 100%. We all donned our national costumes and had the best dinner food the canteen could offer. This was of course filled with love and pictures, much of which I’ll use to end the post with. The dinner was followed by an amazing, hilarious performance in the Assembly Hall, and culminated with a great canteen party!














Much love



Until then here’s a quick post on how to make good noodles, courtesy of Olivia Jin my awesome floor mate and resident Korean

STEP 1: GET INDOMEEE MIGORENG (v. v. v. important)

STEP 2: Boil water until it boils

STEP 3: Insert noodles


STEP 4: Let noodles soft

STEP 5: Purge water

STEP 6: Bowl the noodles

STEP 7: Add ALL the seasoning

STEP 8: Mix proper

STEP 9: Chopsticks



Okay so I’m sure we’re all good with these steps but let me stress the final and most important step



Do your dishes!

Yep, as residents of whichever block you belong to, it’s your responsibility to keep it clean by fixing your own mess. Please don’t forget and let the dirty thingies pile up in the sink or wherever. It’s not nice. If you’re in another block, it’s just as important to be respectful to the people who live there and tidy up.

Betcha weren’t expecting a moral to the story (er, recipe?)

OK so once again, proper blogpost coming in soon. This one is dedicated to my devoted audience (Ainnie and…??) who’ve been waiting for updates for so long.

See you guys soon!



Hi guys, it’s been too long since I last updated. The past few days have been insanely busy, from my the day before my trip to the day after. So far though, I am absolutely loving it here.

There’s not much to write about at the moment. The day before my flight was filled with packing and goodbyes. The flight itself took me from morning in Maldives to night at Hong Kong. I was greeted by a friendly pair of second years named Shuchi and Pyone! (Hope I spelt their names right)

We took an amazingly fun bus ride to school, involving lots of talk about life at LPC in general. We walked the last bit to school and a bit more to my home building, block 4. It was the furthest residential block and that combined with a long day of travel helped me get to bed sooner rather than later.

I met my roommates then as well; Ian from Hong Kong, and Davis from Canada. I’ve lucked out to get such amazing people to live with. My room has a nice view, it’s close to the bathroom and there’s always activity around the corridor, which is really nice. All in all, I’m enjoying life here.

Today was insanely busy. I woke up in the morning to a visit from my parents. They helped me organise my room and Ian introduced us to Ma On Shan right afterwards. From there, the family and I headed to the hotel. We bought a few necessities from IKEA, had some food, and came back to campus to settle down more fully.

Afterward I headed out of campus on the way to the academic block. I met a lot of cool people along the way, and the dinner was perfect. I had duck and rice. It was my first meal on campus, and now I know for sure that they aren’t lying when they say the food at LPC is the best in any UWC. I look forward to trying new things as the days go by. Everyone I’ve met was unbelievably friendly.

I was about to grab the delish looking chocolate mousse when I was informed of a dessert outing by my friend Emma! I visited block 1 with a few more friends before signing out at the gate here. The trip to the restaurant(?) was long but again awesome, and I talked to many more people. When we finally got to the place, I devoured a mango pancake and watermelon juice. It turned out that the whole outing was a treat by our second years, and the first of many LPC traditions I will be introduced to.

We visited many other places this evening, slowly splitting off towards the end. The first place we headed to was the pier, where we all talked a lot more and took pictures (my phone was too low on battery to do anything D:). Next, we dropped by at 7/11 and I tried my first lemon coke, which isn’t very different from normal coke but quite the noteworthy experience. I liked it.

Finally, what was left of the original group went to the bus station to head back to school. Again, this was so much fun. We hit the supermarket (I didn’t buy anything because I wanted to lose weight with Fernimbulan) and on the way out we crashed into a group of students, many of whom were fresh from the airport. We all had a nice walk back to school.

After everyone split into their blocks, I decided to check out campus a bit more, as I didn’t really have a chance for a real tour. I was lucky enough to come by Viivi and we took an alternate route to the courtyard and back. We discussed a lot of things about home and Hong Kong, and it was a great end to a hectic day.

Here I am back in my room now! I am exhausted from everything that has happened today, but I’m looking forward to another eventful day tomorrow as well. I cannot wait to meet my final roommate, a local named Peter!

I’ll update again soon*! Bye everyone


P.S. No pictures because I’m still settling down, and my phone’s battery is pitifully unstable. I’ll fix this out from now on!

Pictures Galore Post (and omg visa)

There was a huge influx of visa arrivals today, and thankfully I’m one of the people who got theirs! Hearing about it after days of anxiety is definitely a great way to start the day.

It started when I realised I was panicking about not hearing from the school over two months after I submitted the necessary documents. It was a few weeks past the estimated time of arrival, and I had ten days left till I depart from Maldives. So I took the fighter’s route.


As usual, Jenny replied within hours. I emailed quite late at night (10PM 2AM) and I woke up to her reply


I was beyond thrilled. I called my dad, and he told me about how the delivery company had already called him. I had to wait a few hours before I received the package!


It was the best day of the week! (Note the ‘was’; all this was yesterday. My iPad died.) Now all I have to worry about is forgetting to pack something for the trip. Which brings me to…

Ainnie is officially a UWC Dilijan student! She’s currently in Armenia and with each update she gives me new insight on what it means to be a part of one of the world’s best educational movements


It’s so exciting to hear about how much fun she’s having, and so I can’t wait for my own school to start already (9 days, please fly by). I have a bit of work to get done before I leave though, including getting my national costume tailored! Below is my great grandfather, and my mum decided I’d be getting the same shirt (and perhaps hat?). Thank you munikaafaa for inspiring the design.


It should be done by the 25th!

As I expected, the last few days before I leave have been exponentially busier than my break. With all this happening though, the UWC experience has become more real than ever. It’s insane, and I’m so excited!


Almost There!

Hi all!

So there’s about 17 days till I start school, and I’m crazy excited as you might expect! Everyone’s talking about how close it is till we start. A loooot of stuff has happened over the past week or so though, and I’ve been way too laze-forgetful to update.

So on the 3rd of August, me and Ainnie met up together to exchange fun vibes and “study” info. (I’m still not sure whether that actually happened or not, it’s really hard to make plans with her after all). Ainnie is actually a neighbour and we only found out a week or so after the whole UWC selection thing went down. Really. She’s a 10 second walk away from my house, it’s insane. Also convenient, because it was starting to rain when I left the house.


We had a lot of fun! Mostly I just made fun of Lord Tennyson and tried to convince Ainnie to take Chemistry. It worked? We drank this fruit thingy and ate nuts and raisins. All in all a great afternoon.

The UWC send-off dinner was just last Saturday, and it was a lot of fun. Khady organised the whole event once again at Jade Bistro. Ainnie came with both her parents and my mother was the only one who could join us. I met Imma, who is a recent graduate of Atlantic College and soon-to-be Ainnie’s mentor at Dilijan! Excitingness. My own mentor is sadly no longer in the country, so he couldn’t join, but you’ve read all about my meet up with him ages ago! Zee joined us only a few* minutes after we started.

We talked about a lot of things! The usual “when are you leaving” and “what subjects are you taking” and talks about food and culture and general UWC life. Meet-ups like this always drive me crazy because I really can’t wait any longer to start. Ainnie is lucky enough to be heading out this Thursday! Psh, good luck at the Dubai airport, and say hi to the normal(?) Armenians for me as well <333


It was an amazing night really, with lots of funnies. In the place of the “guess-the-fruit” salad/icecream game me and Ainnie competed with our chocolate vs vanilla milkshakes. (Ainnie, I’d like to confirm that my milkshake is indeed better than yours). It’s sad and exciting at the same time that this will be our last official meet up together before we head to our respective United World Colleges!

Until I leave… I have no plans whatsoever. My cousin is coming back here from Lanka and so I’m looking forward to an exciting few weeks before I finally leave to Hong Kong! I used to think time was going by way too slow, but it’s sort of flying by now. It’s crazy

Catch y’all later